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QR Code Ordering System 

Yummy Yorkshire is a third generation dairy farm set in the foothills of the Pennines in rural West Yorkshire.  In 2007 the farm diversified into ice cream production and Delph House Farm became better know as Yummy Yorkshire the ice cream brand.  The husband and wife team, Jeremy & Louise, wanted to create a brand that did things a little differently and flavour wise they have always prided themselves on creating something a little different. 

Mobo Innovations has been a part of the Yummy Yorkshire journey since 2016. As Yummy Yorkshire have grown over the years, Mobo have aided them in developing their EPOS Infrastructure to meet their growing needs and requirements. In November 2020, Yummy Yorkshire opted for the Mobo2Go online ordering system to reduce the labour intensity of telephone ordering and table service. Mobo2Go-YY

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We spoke to Louise and here is what she had to say about the Mobo2Go system... 

Can you tell us why you chose Mobo Innovations to provide your systems?

We originally found Mobo Innovations from a Google search. After we spoke to Michael & Jonathan we were drawn to the company. From the start of the EPOS installation, both directors gave our business their full attention and the set-up was swift and seamless. They understood our requirements and delivered a solution that ticked every box with room to expand as our business grew.

What challenges did you face before implementing the Mobo2Go online ordering system?

The Coronavirus Pandemic created many challenges for our business. We had a strong desire to trade in whatever shape or form we could. We had a freezer full of ice cream we needed to sell and we couldn't just hibernate the business. Changing from a restaurant to a takeaway business wasn't easy. None of the systems were configured for this type of selling so we had to create a very labour intensive system which involved lots of handwritten orders! The phone would constantly ring, which was encouraging as there was still a demand for our products, but it made managing the day difficult. After a series of lockdowns and local restrictions it was time to look at a long-term solution that could solve the immediate issues surrounding current trading but also had the potential to sit alongside our business once we returned to 'normal'. 

What do you like best about the online ordering system?

The Mobo2Go system is very user friendly. At the start, Mobo gave the right amount of hand holding to ensure that everything was set up as it needed to be and that going live could be achieved as quickly as possible, so that the benefits could be enjoyed sooner rather than later. The admin site is really useful. Products can be made inactive at the touch of a button or change the order frequency in line with current demands of the business. The 'support' option is particularly helpful if you are looking to do something a little different. The YouTube videos had the right level of detail at the right speed, and as a result we successfully set up a number of 'Meal Deal' type menu options without the need for remote support.

Would you say that implementing Mobo2Go has been a success for Yummy Yorkshire?

Mobo2Go has without a doubt been a success for us and has helped us to run a takeaway business successfully with fewer people involved, ensuring that we can gain maximum benefits from the trade we achieve. Our system went live in November 2020 and immediately had an impact. Our flagging Friday and Saturday night takeaway suddenly picked up as customers preferred the convenience of using an online platform to place their order. Suddenly the phone stopped ringing so much and the majority of the time now the printer running off the latest online order is the noise that prevails in the restaurant as we shuffle our way through lockdown 3! Orders, particularly on an evening, can be anything up to 95% via the Mobo2Go system.

Would you recommend Mobo2Go to others?

I would highly recommend Mobo2Go to others. The support from Mobo Innovations has been to the usual high standard and Mobo2Go will, as a result, now form part of our longer term plan when normal business resumes.

28th November 2021, 13:44

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