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Slim's restaurant opens in Liverpool


Graffiti Spirits Group, the company behind a string of Liverpoolís most popular independent restaurants and bars, has announced the portfolioís latest venture Slimís, which has just opened it's doors on Bold Street, Liverpool.

New restaurant Slimís opens on Bold Street, Liverpool

The award-winning group has acquired the former Love Thy Neighbour site and has transformed the venue into a new all day eatery. Taking inspiration from high-end New York diners, Slimís has a varied gourmet menu catering for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan offerings.

Menu staples include the delicious award-winning roast dinners served in metal trays and classic American-style burgers.

The restaurant is also set to be home to a downstairs sports bar that will show popular sports channels and games.

Commenting on the new venue, Graffiti Spirits Group co-founder Matt Farrell, said: ďWe couldnít be happier that Slimís will be opening in a matter of weeks and on Bold Street, which is famous for being a hub of independent, unique restaurant and bars. It will be the perfect addition with an impressive menu that will cater for all tastes.

ďWeíve given the menu for Slimís a lot of thought and taken elements from projects that we have previously learnt from. The restaurantís offering will have something for everyone including delicious burgers, both meat and vegan, to our renowned roast dinners.Ē

Restaurant EPOS System

The new EPOS system has been configured with a main bar EPOS touchscreen and a second EPOS terminal in the basement. Multiple handheld waiter pad devices are due to be introduced soon to allow wait staff to quickly input orders and print bills. Food dockets are sent to the upstairs kitchen and drink dockets are printed out behind the bar. 

The front of house 'ICRTouch EPOS software' is perfect for hospitality businesses and provides a range of features for fast bar or restaurant operations, utilising table plans to store orders, split billing, meal deal and drink promotions. With wait staff using the PocketTouch handhelds for both food and drink orders.   

Slim's is already finding the new EPOS system incredibly easy. ďItís a very easy system to manage and use, it works really well." 

The EPOS System is supported with a powerful cloud based back office management system where you can view reports, interrogate orders, program the tills and menu's or make staff changes. It can be accessed from any location either on-site or off-site. 

10th September 2019, 17:43

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