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Uniwell Announce New AX3000 Software Release

AX3000 web desktop

Uniwell Announce New EPOS Release - 24th Jan 2012

This new supercharged hospitality version is clearly targeted at restaurants, bars, hotels and food to go operations, but includes some neat enhancement for retail stores too. We take a closer look at some of Uniwell's latest features.

“We are very excited about this new offering to our customers. We believe it will be a great asset to our customers, helping them manage and control their businesses better. For the many businesses out there using the older Uniwell ranges, this new machine provides the perfect upgrade”

Uniwell AX3000 Review

The AX3000 has been in the market for a couple of years now and already has a growing following in the reseller channel. This new EPOS system has advanced a long way from the popular and widely used Uniwell touch screens like the DX895, DX915, TX875 and TX850 touch screens. We review the latest features on their new release.

Graphical Table PlanAX3000 web pole

The new graphical table plan provides better management of the restaurant floor, has special table plan indicators to let staff know the status of each table and those requiring service.

Tables can be moved around and combined together during service to provide an accurate representation of restaurant floor activity. It all adds up to faster, easier operation and accurate billing.

Caller Identification

A new Caller ID interface links the EPOS system to customers telephone lines, speeding up operations, minimising mistakes and allowing staff to greet customers personally.

When a customer telephones the Caller ID system automatically searches the customer database in the EPOS system to identify the caller. New customers can be quickly added to the database so they are recognised next time they call, over time the system builds a powerful customer database that can be used for email and text marketing.

Promotions & Meal Deal Engine

With consumers increasingly choosing 'meal deal' and 'early bird' style promotions it's essential your EPOS system has the right tools to automatically manage complex marketing offers, it takes the hassle away from staff and prevents costly mistakes.

A new promotions engine, coupled with a daily scheduler helps businesses automate and manage promotions, which in many restaurants may only be active on set days of the week for a few hours.

Up-sell prompts automatically remind staff of available promotions, helping businesses increase turnover. Meal deal discounts are apportioned equally across individual items for accurate reporting.

Deposit Book

A new ‘deposit book’ facility helps record and manage advance deposit payments from customers. The new feature has already been heralded as a superb addition by many restaurants who had previously struggled with older tills to manage deposits for Christmas and party bookings. Deposits can now be taken in advance, being transferred directly as a pre-payment on to customers bill or table when they arrive.

Clock In/Out EPOS screen

The system can be configured to ensure that operators have to clock in and out of the system before starting their shifts. Clock in/out times can be used to calculate the time and attendance figures for staff, detailing hours worked. This new function makes it easier to keep an tighter control on labour costs and can have a big impact on bottom line profits.

Hotel Billing System

New interfaces allow integration between your EPOS terminals and your hotel room billing system, ensuring all services, meals and beverages enjoyed by customers are charged to the correct room account. The new release operates a double verification method for room number and occupant, as soon as the till operator enters the room number, the EPOS system interrogates the guest accounts in 'real-time' and displays the occupant names. Once confirmed bills are automatically transferred to guest room accounts.

Eat In/Take Out VAT shift

Designed for fast food outlets offering takeaway and eat-in options, a new VAT shift function allows detailed recording of eat in and take out sales so VAT can be reported accurately. With HMRC setting up a task force to tackle tax evasion in fast food eateries, this new function helps businesses tackle VAT issues.

Multi Language Kitchen Printing

It can be hard to find an EPOS system that handles both English and Oriental languages. (Chinese, Thai etc). With multi language kitchen printing the AX3000 has this covered, providing receipts and till operations in English and Chinese in the kitchen for the cooks. In a mixed language kitchen, both English and Chinese can be printed too.

In Summary

A great new release from Uniwell. With no moving parts, hard disk drive or CPU fan, the AX3000 has increased reliability over many of its competitors. With a modern RISC processor, the AX combines the solid reliability of an embedded EPOS system with many of the flexibilities of PC based technology, and avoids Viruses, Hard Drive failures and OS compatibility. The AX has a removable base for wall/bracket mounting (VESA Standard). Remote access and control via the internet for reporting and updates.

At a competitive price with similar featured PC based systems, over all cost savings can be expected with lower maintenance and repair costs. For customers it's fast and easy to use, everyday programming of menus, prices and promotions is easier than it's ever been before.

27th January 2012, 9:14

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