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ipad Restaurant Inspection System Launched

retail store audit checklist

BrandM8 Mobile Check-lists, Inspections and Auditing Software

Designed for franchise and multi-site organisations Brandm8 allows you to accurately measure and compare operational performance and compliance to regulatory or brand standards.

Used in a growing range of industries and roles our solution is already being used in Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee, Hotel and Retail chains, helping business to understand why sites are under-performing and what corrective actions needs to be taken.

The new web based system allows restaurant inspections, checks and audits to be completed on site any-time, automatically updating a central server database to provide instant head office reports.

Mcdonalds check listSupporting multiple users and departments, BrandM8 can be quickly deployed across organizations on an iPad, smart phone, PDA, tablet or PC. With electronic check-lists and audits, businesses can quickly collect and report on key operational issues, helping to increase efficiency and drive down costs.

When you deploy BrandM8 you will positively revolutionize how you manage your stores and senior management will have up to date reports to control your business at remote branches.

Paper Based Check Lists
Traditional clipboard and pen inspection checks have now been replaced with mobile checklist, saving time, paper, and resources, avoiding double entry into spread sheets or reports. Central reports are available 24/7 and are easily accessible by managers, area managers and head office, delivering real visibility over your organization.

Automate and Improve Multi-unit Processes

Businesses that expand to a handful of sites quickly feel the growing pains as they add each new site and struggle to be successful without systems in place. Running a chain of 50 sites, your operational difficulties are amplified ten times or more, getting the right system can be worth its weight in gold.

With better visibility over operations, you get better results for much less effort. BrandM8 will help you streamline your business, drive down costs and provide real clarity over your business as it expands.

  • Simple and easy to use - web based set-up and management

  • Customised to your business - check-lists, reviews and corrective actions

  • 24/7 reporting for management, regional managers and HQ.

  • Rapid deployment of new check lists across organizations

  • Secure user login - check-lists by user

  • Work-flows guide users through checks and procedures

  • Dynamic creation of follow up check-lists or tasks

  • Alerts - Ability to configure e-mail alerts

  • Linking photos to check-lists

  • Location based check-lists - barcode scanning and Microsoft Tag

  • Temperature probe integration for accurate temperature readings

  • Automatic scoring system to rank stores

  • Blind scoring to measure checks accurately

  • Multi-platform - web, iPad, smart phone and PDA (on-line or off-line)

  • Answers and records stored in a central database

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14th February 2012, 11:26

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