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Bar EPOS System Gets Stamp Of Approval


Stamps Bar and Stamps Bar Too are busy live music venues in Crosby and Liverpool, serving real ale and real food, accompanied with real live music! Mobo Innovations have been awarded the stamp of approval, selected to roll out new bar EPOS systems in their Merseyside venues. 

Fighting off tough competition, Mobo came up trumps, supplying a durable and cost effective EPOS system that is packed with features to help bar and nightclub operators enhance day to day operations. The new tills deliver tighter cash control, operator security, customer loyalty, stock control and speed of service, all key ingredients to maximising profits. 

The Bars - Stamps have a wide selection of real ales, bottled beers and wines. Live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Superb atmosphere and great food!

Behind The Bar

epos bar touchscreen systemBehind the bar is a fast paced operation, the new super quick Uniwell AX3000 EPOS system was selected to keep pace with demand, helping the bar staff to deliver smooth efficient service.

A large 15" touch screen interface speeds up operation, helping to minimise queues at the bar and maximize sales during peak hours.


Mobo Innovations have years of experience providing EPOS Systems and cash registers to pub and bar operators.

In these fast paced noisy environment it's all too easy for mistakes and misuse to go un-noticed, leading to stock losses, incresaed wastage and lost profit. 

Our robust EPOS systems are selected to ensure you improve cash accountability and stock accuracy, while delivering maximum operational efficiency at the point of sale.


Tighter Controls Behind The Bar

Staff Security & Control

In such a cash rich operation and a large number of part time staff, it's important to keep security tight to minimise theft and shrinkage.

Secure till login devices like swipe cards or “Dallas Keys” identify staff members, ensure staff ring up drinks under their own name and allow corrections or refunds to be easily traced.

Beer Garden / Table Service

Wireless handheld EPOS terminals will help your staff get out amongst customers, providing table side service at the same time as up-selling.

Orders are instantly transmitted to the bar or kitchen and eliminate billing errors or omissions. Graphical table plans and customer accounts can also be utilised for clubs offering a pay later service.

Improve Food Service

These days food sales are an essential ingredient for the British pub. Graphical table plans, bar tabs and deposit book features make table service quick and easy. Networked to kitchen and bar order printers or kitchen screens food service is fast and efficient.

Stock Count Down

Live stock count down on the EPOS tills allows you to rapidly identify issues such as theft of stock, or sweet-hearting - the practice of giving friends cheap or free drinks. Quick line checks can be done to identify missing items.

Wireless Waiter Pad Terminals

Write-on waiter pad and tablet devices use wireless technology are being increasingly used to transmit orders from the wait staff at table direct to the kitchen, saving time and eliminating billing errors.

Bar and Pub Loyalty Schemes

Customer loyalty cards are now becoming increasingly popular in the pub industry, it's a great way to encourage food sales and collect customer details for marketing campaigns.

Behind The Bar

With individual staff codes or keys, staff can share the same EPOS terminal. However, to maximise sales and provide great service you need to ensure you have sufficient EPOS tills in all your sales locations.

Inns with Rooms

For pubs with letting rooms, our EPoS systems allow simple room billing without the need for a dedicated room billing system. Integration is available to arrange of PMS systems for the larger properties and hotels requiring this.

Speedy Payment

Taking payment is the critical part of bar service and can is a potential bottleneck. An integrated credit card payment system can speed up card transactions, avoiding double entry, and manual billing errors. Multiple cash drawers can also be used to tie staff down to their own cash till.


Improve security by linking your EPOS systems to your CCTV to cover your bar service areas. With a linked system you can compare time stamped transactions alongside footage of the bar staff activities.

Staff Performance Labour Costs

By identifying staff on your tills you can easily monitor staff sales and performance so you can reward your best staff and work on under performing team members.

To tighten up on your labour costs, your EPOS terminals can also be used for staff to clock in and out, providing time and attendance reports of hours worked.

Meal Deals & Promotions

With consumers increasingly choosing 'meal deal' and 'early bird' style promotions it's essential your EPOS system has the right tools to automatically manage complex marketing offers, it takes the hassle away from staff and prevents costly mistakes.

A daily scheduler helps businesses automate and manage promotions, which in many restaurants may only be active on set days of the week for a few hours.

In The Back Office

At the end of the night back office software simplifies cash and payment reconciliation, plus in-depth sales and stock reporting are accomplished with ease.

Central management of your EPOS system allows operators to control products, prices and till layouts. At the back of house and head office, detailed management and reporting tools allow the system to be scaled from a single site to hundreds of clubs.

Stocktaking, orders and deliveries can also be entered, while takings reports and detailed sales analysis keep a record of cash and sales trends.

Group Operators

For the pub group operator, BrandM8 compliance and audit software offers visibility over service, ambiance and operations and is key to delivering consistency across the estate. Self audits and pub inspections can be carried out as part of daily routines or area manager visits.

Instant results provide visibility over operations, equipment, maintenance or safety and are key to delivering consistency and driving profitability.

The “Head Office EPOS Solution” provides a centrally managed system that will allow operators to control products, prices and till layouts from head office. Detailed reporting and analysis allow HQ and Area Managers to keep a close eye on operations and performance.

19th April 2012, 9:10

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