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How to change the time on your Uniwell till - end of BST

AX3000 web desktop

The clocks will go back by one hour at 2.00 am on Sunday 30th  October. At 2.00 am, the clocks will return to 1.00 am and British Summer Time ends for another year. On the day that the clocks change, before starting service you will need to adjust the time on your tills.

Uniwell AX3000 touch screen

  • Exit sales mode and select CONFIGURE (You will require manager access)
  • Select Date & Time
  • Touch the Time box
  • Press CL - to clear the old time
  • Type the new time, press ENTER, now press SET.
  • EXIT.

Uniwell DX915, SX7000 and DX895, QX8000Uniwell DX915 EPOS

(Also includes DX890, TX850, SX700, SX705, SX8000, SX8505, SX7505)

These models all have the same programming to change the time.

  • Using the S Key, turn to the SP Position in the keylock
  • Sign on to the till with a Manager Clerk (or Manager Fob)
  • Select Program Functions and press ENTER (if this is not displayed on screen - skip to the next step)
  • Type 190 then press ENTER
  • Select TIME (HH:MM:SS) and Press ENTER
  • Type the new time in 24 hour format HOURS MINUTES SECONDS (eg 10:30pm would be 223000)sx8500
  • Press ENTER
  • Press CLEAR
  • Press CLEAR
  • Press CLERK (to exit)
  • Turn the key back to the REG Position
  • Press the Subtotal Key to display the time on the screen

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