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New BrandM8 software improves audit management & compliance


BrandM8 is a compliance management software solution for in-house auditing, facilities management and service providers, allowing organisations to manage and analyse audits in an on-line database.

The uses are many and include retail store auditing, hospitality QSR restaurant checks, facilities management, cleaning standards monitoring, inspection checks, health and safety checks, hospital ward checks, brand compliance. In-fact, because all the checks are user definable, the possibilities are endless.

For ease of use BrandM8 audits and checks can be completed on a laptop, PDA or smartphone, the data they capture is delivered to a central website where you can immediately review and analyse the results.

compliance and audit softwareBrandM8 can be used across any number of locations with any number of devices and is designed to assist businesses maintain their high standards, whether they are mandatory, contractual or brand related.

With paper based systems, when things go wrong, they are often buried in reports or filed away to be reviewed later. BrandM8 speeds this process up, with instant central report analysis and alerting, allowing you to do something about it, before the problem gets bigger.

The benefits are many, reduce costs, save time and increase location coverage. Standardised questions and data capture make data more consistent. Web based reporting gives access to information wherever you are, while comparisons and rankings are made easy with points based questions.

BrandM8 gives you the technology to optimize and carry out your own audits, whether you have one location or hundreds, discover the power of compliance audit software.

Remember, “You can't expect what you don't inspect!”

Call Mobo Innovations on 01772 367 110 to discover how BrandM8 can improve your business.

2nd March 2011, 14:12

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