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Every restaurant chain should have one of these

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BrandM8 Audit & Compliance PDA

Most restaurant chains have their own processes and procedures for food safety compliance checks. Many leading brands have gone further, inspecting stores for operational efficiency, quality, performance and health and safety. The entire process is often labour intensive and carried out manually using paper based checklists, leaving behind a trail of paper that ultimately needs to be collated into a spreadsheet or report.

Do you really know what's happening in your restaurants?

BrandM8 provides restaurant chains with a powerful, labour saving self-audit tool; efficient hand-held auditing coupled with server based software for central reporting and analysis.

food queueWhether it is service quality, daily cleaning rotas, hot holding temperature checks or site visit reports, BrandM8 can centrally collate all audit data, providing manager alerts and central analysis.  

By streamlining these self audit processes, BrandM8 ensures that all checks and audits carried out across the restaurants are the same, allowing stores to be ranked and measured against consistent data.   

Integrating compliance into daily routines

BrandM8 assists restaurants and franchisees to comply with regulatory requirements, brand standards and aids operational efficiency. BrandM8 ensures that data is collected, analysed and reported in a timely fashion so there is no time lag between the auditing and reporting to management, speeding up the decision process and corrective action. "You can't expect what you don't inspect."

paper-pileThe benefits of BrandM8

BrandM8 enables efficient self-assessment - a cost effective alternative to outsourcing, allowing organisations to improve and expand their restaurant assessment coverage.  

BrandM8 can.....

  • Save time and costs
  • Eliminate data re-entry
  • Increase location coverage
  • Generate action points automatically
  • Improve time cycle & reporting
  • Visibility of key performance indicators
  • Measure restaurant performance

In today's competitive climate where margins are constantly being squeezed, cost saving tools and operational efficiency are vital to healthy bottom-line profits and essential to keeping the tills ringing. Yet many restaurant chains fail to gain clear visibility of their operations through lack of information from infrequent, poor quality audits.  

By streamlining the auditing process BrandM8 provides clear visibility over enterprise operations and delivers true business value.

To find out more about the benefits of BrandM8 you can download a brochure or watch a Youtube clip of a sample PDA audit.   

Or contact Mobo on:  01772 367 110 

9th March 2011, 16:17

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