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Mobo2Go - Does your restaurant offer online ordering?


Over the last year or so the restaurant industry has seen many consumers trade down from higher spend restaurants to casual dining, take away and dine at home eating. With increasing fuel prices and rising food costs, the shift in eating habits has created a tough operating environment for many in the UK restaurant industry.

Even with widespread cost cutting measures, many operators have struggled to maintain growth and keep bums on seats in restaurants. As the competition for our food spend has intensified, restaurant chains are increasingly looking to the web to help them stand out from the crowd. 

A fundamental shift from traditional marketing methods has seen a rise in email marketing, social media, networking and online ordering, as restaurants look to new technology to maintain sales and create new online revenue streams.

Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin are changing the way in which people are being influenced on what to eat and where. Many chains now have a fan page for their restaurant where they can engage with their customers, collect email addresses and get feedback. Restaurant 'fans' are being targeted as brand advocates to 'tweet' and broadcast to thousands of followers. "Hey just ordered a take out from Maida's new online ordering, they've got an app too"  

On-line restaurant directories are also frequently being used to drive customers to websites. This shift to the web coupled with consumers demand for convenience has unlocked the door to a surge in demand for online food ordering.

Online Ordering3

With online ordering the potential for new sales is huge and as operators take their menu's online they are regularly seeing existing customers ordering more frequently.

Online ordering is the future of any modern food retailer and is rapidly being seen as a must have, to prevent transactions being lost to competing take out restaurants selling online.

So just where do you start with online food ordering?iStock_sushi

Selling ready to eat food online is much more complex than selling a box of screws - if the screws arrive a day late it doesn't really matter you can still use them. If your take out meal arrives a couple of hours late cold and sloppy you could just have lost a customer for good, so it's important the system you use helps you get food to your customers in the best possible condition, at the time they expect it.

Mobo2Go provides food chains with a branded online food ordering system. Our 'white label' solution seamlessly integrates with clients existing websites and has been cleverly designed to work on both a PC and smartphone.

Mobo2Go is made for businesses who want their own online ordering system, with Mobo2Go your menus can be online in just a short space of time. We take care of the technology, you look after the orders. 

The ultimate food ordering system, Mobo2go makes it quick and easy for customers to order from you anywhere, anytime. 

For more information on taking your restaurant online call our sales team on: 01772 367 110.

1st February 2011, 10:28

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