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North Tea Power EPOS


North Tea Power, Manchester's trendiest tea room have selected Mobo Innovations to to supply their EPOS System.  The client selected the PurePOS touch screen system, a product that easily manages day to day till operations yet also allows the business to run credit or pre-pay accounts for local businesses.  

North Tea Power brings the perfect cuppa to the high street with its uniquely modified espresso machine to create Manchester's first tea-espresso! A stronger, more concentrated tea shot will allow for infinite tea variations - any drink that can be made with a coffee espresso can be replicated with a tea shot.

A menu based upon shot based green and black tea drinks will feature honeyed green tea lattes, black tea mochas, iced teas, marmalade tea and tea cappuccinos. These drinks can be served in 40–60 seconds. Extracting the taste of tea leaves in a short time with the correct temperature water and under pressure, results in a sweeter, richer cup of tea - bitterness is caused by tannins that are released as steeping time increases – this also has an adverse affect upon flavour.

NTP will be the only place in Manchester to supply ready-to-go tea that does not require several minutes of steeping and the subsequent removal of a soggy tea bag. The fundamental ingredients remain the same – tea, milk and water, however, by preparing them in a different way we will be creating something unique and offering an alternative to coffee outside of the home or office. And if you don’t like tea, we also have our carefully sourced and locally roasted freshly ground espresso coffees, cocoa and juices.

So if you're out and about in Manchester and fancy a brew with a difference, head over to the 'Northern Quarter' and tracking down Manchester's finest speciality tea room.    

18th June 2010, 16:47

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