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VAT increase 4th January 2011 - Uniwell EPOS guide


Important Information regarding VAT rate changes on 4 January 2011

To prepare for the January 4th VAT Rate change to 20%, the following operation must be done before start of trade on Jan 4th 2011. Depending on the Model of ECR you have, follow the guidelines as appropriate.

NOTE: If you have Back Office Software (PurePOS or ePOS Office, please use the instructions for the software and NOT the machines)

Uniwell touch screens - DX915, DX895, TX875

Turn the Key to the SP Position on the Keylock

Place the 'Owner' fob on the readerUniwell DX895 White 8x8rgbUniwell DX915 EPOS

Press the PROGRAM FUNCTIONS button on screen

Type 155 then press ENTER

Press ENTER on any TAX value of 17.5

Type 2000 then press ENTER

Repeat with any other TAX rates if applicable

Press Clear

Press Clear



AX3000 web desktopUniwell AX3000 touch screen

Log on with Manager Code / Fob


Press TAX (left column)

Press TAX (main screen)

Select the tax rate which displays 17.500 (eg TAX1)

Press RATE

Enter 20000 (for rate 20.000%)


Repeat for any other 17.5% tax rates

Press OK

Press EXIT


qx8000-cash-registerUniwell SX8000, SX700, QX8000

Turn the key to SP

Log on with the Manager Code

NOTE: If you have a clerk fob, then use the Manager fob to log on

If an option screen is shown with choices PROGRAM FUNCTIONS or IRC PROGRAM FUNCTIONS

Select the option PROGRAM FUNCTIONS then press ENTER

Type 155 press ENTERsx800sx8500

Press ENTER on any TAX value of 17.5

Type 2000 press ENTER

Repeat for any other 17.5% TAX rates





Uniwell PurePOS

PurePOS on screenLog on to PurePOS Manager

Click on SYSTEM CONFIGURATION (bottom left)

Click on TAX (Top Left)

Select Standard

Select Percentage

Change to 20

Sync Data to the Machines


EPOS Office, EPOS Sales back office software

There are two sections (Back Office and POS) that need changing. These are system changes, so please change ONLY the TAX settings as described below

Section 1 (Back Office changes)

Log on to Epos Office

Go to Setup > Preferences

Select SYSTEM OPTIONS from the drop down list.

Select  the required TAX displaying 17.5 (eg. TAX BAND 1) – and change to 20.00

Repeat for any other tax bands displaying 17.5

Click on Preferences to save changes and restart the software


Section 2

Log on to Epos Office

Go to POS > Program

Select SYSTEM from the top tab

Select TAX from the next top tab displayed (Next to Options | Text etc)

Change all Tax Rates which are set to 17.500 to 20.000

Press PROGRAM to close the screen

Go to Send

Confirm that TAX RATES are selected in the options

Send to the POS


If possible, do a ‘test run’ before 4 January 2011 in order to see if you have access and can change these settings.

18th December 2010, 9:30

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