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Stadium & Entertainment

Stadiums, entertainment venues and theatres service a large number of customers in a short space of time. With a diverse range of retail and catering outlets from restaurants and bars to hospitality boxes and fast food kiosks, the IT needs are complex and require a flexible solution.  

Managing and controlling large venue operations can be challenging. Frenetic half time breaks or show intervals leave a small window of time to serve a high volume of customers. In these environments it is essential the technology is fast to operate and robust, just one small delay can cause queues to build quickly, leading to loss of revenue and profit. Our innovative EPOS solutions provide features like stock countdown, interval drinks and on-line ordering to enhance operations and maximise these selling opportunities.

Different events may require different product ranges, pricing and promotions. Central till management allows operators to control products, prices and screen layouts. At the control centre detailed management and reporting tools allow the system to be scaled from one kiosk to hundreds.

Our handheld BrandM8 checklist solution can help ensure that restaurants and kiosks are ready to go before the event. Paperless inspection checks can help highlight and report any problem areas, ensuring standards and operations are not compromised. For more details visit

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