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Hotels are diverse operations, a busy restaurant, fast paced bar, leisure centre, hotel guests and members all need to be catered for.

For the larger hotels, room billing integration ensures that any items purchased by hotel guests are automatically added to their bill. Smaller hotels can take advantage of the in-built customer billing system on the EPOS terminals. Automatic price levels can be set-up for Members or Functions, allowing different prices by day of the week or time of day.   

A point of sale system is essential to the smooth running of a hotel, to provide speedy transactions, room billing, accurate stock and streamlined operations. Behind the bar is a fast paced cash rich operation, tight controls are needed to minimise theft and shrinkage. Secure till login devices or “Dallas Keys” identify staff members helping ensure you’re receiving the correct amount of cash for each transaction.

Remote order printers can automatically print orders from each restaurant terminal or handheld, to the kitchen or drinks dispense bar, enhancing customer service and ensuring items are always added to the guest bill.

Routine hotel inspection checks can be carried out by management or regional managers using BrandM8 electronic PDA’s. Replacing paper based checklists, BrandM8 helps streamline operations, increase location coverage, saving time and labour. With regular self-audits, BrandM8 helps ensure compliance to standards, ensuring that your high standards are being met.

Web based reporting and alerts provide head office with instant audit results, providing operational insight and visibility over performance. Hotels can be ranked and graded to ensure your hotels aren’t being run like Fawlty Towers!  

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