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Loyalty Software


Grow repeat business with your own customer rewards program that is simple to use and join.

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Simple to use loyalty rewards software

A simple to use customer reward scheme is a great way to encourage your customers to return time after time. With a low cost Loyalty or Members Card you can reward loyal customers and build regular repeat business, this can be done in a variety of ways from loyalty point schemes to discount schemes and members prices.

When customer make a purchase at the tills they are instantly awarded points based on the value of money spent, the details are recorded by the system and also printed out on the customers receipt. Points can be collected over a number of visits and redeemed against future purchases. Over time, with each swipe of the customers card the system builds up a profice of customer spending habits allowing you to offer targeted marketing promotions and generate extra profits.

Happy Customers

Happy customers come back time and time again so it makes sense to reward them for their visits and work out what they want.

Loyalty Schemes

Multiple loyalty schemes can be can be created to reward different groups of customers, for example regular customers, students, business customers or club members.

Earning Rewards

Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase, simply swipe the customer card or look customers up on the database. Encourage new customers with bonus points or uplifts.

Redeeming Rewards

Customers can see their loyalty balance on their reciept and it can be redeemed as loyalty credit against future purchases. Balances are also displayed on the till and are instantly debited or credited at the point of sale.

3-in-1 Loyalty Cards

Customer cards can be used to access discount schemes, price levels, or pre-pay cashless accounts, providing a truly flexible system.

Simple Membership

Perfect for managing simple club membership and discounts. For example a sports & social club or an exclusive club, for restricted gym membership, or with members-only rooms, prices and services.


A real time link to your EPOS till lets you offer instant rewards to customers and by collecting their details you can use the system to quickly grow your own customer database.

Card & Membership Expiry

You easily set a card expiry date and you can even upload a picture of your customer for more security

Promotions and Bonus Points

In addition to the regular point collection schemes there are other campaign opportunities that can be enabled. Bonus points can be awarded for special purchases and there's also promotions such as meal deals or multi-buy offers to help increase sales and maximise up-selling.

Targeted Promotions

With each and every swipe of their card you can gather information on spending habits and preferences and by getting to know your customers better, you can offer targeted promotions to help boost profits.



For many businesses a simple discount card is all that is required, these are often used as store discount cards. The discounts are flexible and can apply to percentage discount to all items or just specific items. For example you may give staff 10% discount off all food items. Discounts can also be linked in with loyalty points and price level shifts too if required.

Members Prices

In addition to awarding 'loyalty points' you can also enable different price files for different types of customers such as students, members locals or trade customers. Customers simply present their card at the point of sale, the cards can be swiped at any time during the transaction and for ease of use the system can automatically prompt operators to ask customers for a loyalty card.



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