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Caller ID Software

Caller ID is a system that lets you know who is calling before you pickup the phone, the system is commonly used in restaurant, take away and delivery operations but is also suited to many retail operations. The call handling system links your phone system with your computer or EPOS terminals, helping you take calls more efficiently and helps you quickly build a database of your customers.

How Caller ID Works

When a customer telephones a business e.g. to place a restaurant takeaway order, enquire about a service or product, the CallerID software automatically searches the customer database on the computer or EPOS system, identifing the caller and diplaying their name and contact details.

New customers can be quickly added to the database so they are recognised next time they call, over time the system builds a powerful customer database that can be used for email and SMS text marketing campaigns.

Benefits Of CallerID

An integrated CallerID system allows you greet callers personally, speeds up operations and minimising mistakes by displaying the customers name, phone number and address when they call to place an order.

Some ot the key benefits include:

  • You know who is calling before you answer, so you have more time to prepare
  • Greet your customer in a personal, professional manner.
  • Reduce order processing time
  • Quickly retrieve customer information or previous call notes
  • Recognize your most important customers
  • Review missed calls & call important customers back.

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