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Uniwell AX3000 EPOS

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The Uniwell AX3000 EPOS system is an all in one 'pos in a box' EPOS solution that can be counter, pole or wall mounted. The flexible system design allows the Uniwell AX3000 to be configured for a range of industries from a restaurant ordering system, to fast bar, quick service, catering and retail.

With decades of experience the Uniwell touch screen till brings control back to your business and provides innovative tools to enhance customer service, speed up operations, improve cash control, efficiency and ultimately increase bottom line profits. The graphical user interface can be customised to suit each individual business, simplifying operations and minimising staff training time and cost.AX3000 web desktop

Designed to maximise robustness the Uniwell AX3000 EPOS system has been built without the need for a fan or hard disk drive, so often the cause of system failure and down time. With both the software and hardware produced at Uniwell's own factory in Japan, the system has been built in perfect harmony to maximise reliability and compatibility. The 'on chip' software and storage of data minimises the risk of viruses or hacking that troubles so many PC based EPOS systems. 

The on-board network card allows easy connection between other machines, printers and peripherals and runs on any standard computer network. The unique hardware design will deliver lightning fast performance year after year without the need for expensive hardware or software upgrades - maximising your return on investment.

Download Uniwell AX3000 EPOS brochure

Cash Control

The AX-3000 records every transaction that an operator makes and provides a range of reports that will enable you to identify fraud. Simple end of shift cash declaration procedures compare computed sales values with actual cash in drawer values - highlighting discrepancies.


For the ultimate in security the AX-3000 can be linked to a CCTV system that records line by line AX3000 web poletransaction data with live video footage of the POS terminals in operation.

Simple stock control

Many businesses cannot justify the time and resources to manage a fully featured stock control system. The AX-3000 comes as standard with a simple stock control system that, with minimal effort, will provide accurate stock control for the key product lines.

Management Information

A wide range of detailed reports provide managers and owners with the information they need to control and drive the business forward. The Uniwell AX-3000 can be configured to automatically send sales data (in XML format) to a remote FTP server or the web based reporting service - Mobo Web Reporting.

Labour Cost Control

The system can be configured to ensure that operators have to clock in and out of the system before they can start their shift. The clock in/out times can be used to calculate hours worked and labour cost per employee.

Mobile Phone & Web Ordering

One of the unique features of the AX-3000 is that it can also be configured to accept orders directly from a customer's mobile phone or web orders if used in conjunction with our mobo2go ordering system.

Improved Promotion Control

A range of multi buy, combos and meal deals can be configured. In addition it is also possible to schedule price changes for "happy hour" style promotions. The AX-3000 provides detailed pricing reports that show the effect of the promotions.

Customer Loyalty

The AX-3000 can be configured to run a simple loyalty system that will allow you to provide loyalty cards to your customers and provide them with preferential pricing and discounts. The in-built customer database keeps track of what customers are ordering and when they last ordered.

Table Management

The graphical table plan can be configured to match your exact table layout and changed to accommodate new layouts. At a glance, waiters can see who is sitting at which table, the order status of each table and the dining duration.

Hand Held Ordering

The Uniwell AX-3000 can be linked to market leading Orderman and Android based hand held terminals that provide the ultimate in robust and reliable hand held ordering. The multi tasking operation system allows the AX-3000 to be used by an operator whilst orders are being simultaneously received from hand held order terminals. If payments are taken at the table then waiters equipped with a belt printer can issue receipts at the table.

The Uniwell AX3000 software is the result of over 30 years EPOS experience from Uniwell and can be configured to suit a wide range of different environments.

Market Sectors:

  • Bars, Pubs & Nightclubs
  • Restaurant - Fine Dining & Casual restaurant ordering system
  • Cafes and Deli
  • Quick Service - Fast Food & Take Away
  • Catering & Education
  • Hotels
  • Retail

Features and Benefits

  • 15" Touch screen - High brightness TFT LCD screen
  • Small footprint (23cm x 23cm)
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • No moving parts - greater reliability
  • Versatile mounting options - counter, wall or pole
  • No deterioration of performance with system age or transaction volume
  • Robust system - secure from virus attack and hacking
  • Longer lifetime - increased return on investment
  • Low maintenance and support costs

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