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The first red rooster restaurant was opened in Western Australia in 1972 and has grown to become Australia's largest roast chicken operator. Red Rooster has over 360 stores and employs around 5000 staff. In addition to their long established roast A-grade fresh chicken and famous chips, red rooster also offers healthy baguettes and salads, plus delicious burgers and wraps.

BrandM8 is being used by 20 red rooster area managers to conduct regular store audits for 360 stores across Australia. The store audits are carried out on a PDA and the checklist data is automatically fed back into the BrandM8 Head Office database. A range of customised reports have been created and these can be automatically e-mailed to managers and Directors.

The introduction of BrandM8 has enabled red rooster to quickly and easily benchmark store operational performance and ensure that their standards are being met.


Hudsons Coffee came into inception satisfying the need for quality coffee with consistently superior service in a range of convenient locations. The brand has been embraced by its customers and through its adoption of a successful franchise platform the business has seen continued growth, with stores spanning a range of environments including central business districts, regional areas, airports and hospitals.

BrandM8 is used within Hudsons Coffee to conduct regular store audits across 38 stores nationwide. Each store has to undergo a regular detailed audit that covers customer service, product quality, food safety, health & safety, store ambience and cleanliness.

All store audit information is immediately available at head office, allowing them to benchmark store performance and highlighting areas of non conformance and corrective action required.



Wagamama have more than 90 restaurants around the world - from the UK, Europe, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East and USA. Wagamama is the most popular chain of award-winning Asian inspired noodle restaurant in Australia.

There are 10 franchised stores in Australia using BrandM8 for daily operational checks.

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Sun State Foods has a red rooster franchise with 24 stores across the state of Queensland. Each of the 24 stores has been equipped with a PDA running BrandM8, allowing each store to conduct daily in store food safety checks.

BrandM8 is used to conduct daily temperature checks for hot/cold food and equipment such as cool rooms. To ensure accurate and reliable temperature readings, the PDA is linked to a Bluetooth temperature probe that automatically records the temperature for each relevant question within the checklist. BrandM8 is also used to record daily cleaning checks within the store.

After each checklist has been completed the data is automatically sent to Sun State Foods centrally hosted BrandM8 server. Managers and Directors can run reports that provide them with up to date operational information across their 24 stores, allowing immediate action to be taken where necessary.


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