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Features and Benefits

BrandM8 replaces traditional paper based checklists with intelligent electronic checklists. Paper based checklists are one dimensional whereas electronic checklists can guide a user through a checklist and automatically produce follow on checklists according to how a question is answered.

BenefitsBrandM8 question 1

  • Customised checklists - tailored to your business
  • Removes handwritten paper checklists - answers entered directly into a database
  • Reduce time spent in the field - increase location coverage
  • Increases compliance and accountability of all in-business and out of business checklists and reviews
  • Reduced risk through increased standards compliance 
  • Ability to audit performance - rank stores etc.
  • Problem resolution - dynamic checklists close the follow up loop
  • Automatic scoring system - blind scoring to measure checks accurately 
  • Accurate audit standardised questions with user name, date and time stamp
  • Fast centralised reporting of checklist and audit data
  • Quick deployment of new checklists - rapidy change, amend and deploy new checklists 
  • Reduced labour requirements saves time and money


BrandM8 incorporates a powerful and flexible feature set that allows the system to be configured to suit your individual businesses requirements.

  • Simple and easy to use - web based setup and management
  • Multi-platform - web, smart phone and PDA (online or offline)
  • Secure user login - checklists by user
  • Customised setup of checklists, reviews and corrective actions
  • Workflow - guide users through checks and procedures
  • Dynamic creation of follow up checklists or tasks
  • Alerts - Ability to configure e-mail alerts download brochure
  • Linking photos to checklists
  • Location based checklists - barcode scanning and Microsoft Tag
  • Temperature probe integration for accurate temperature readings


Call us now on  01772 367 110 to learn more, or submit a request for a free demonstration of BrandM8 via our contact form.


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