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Digital Checklists

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BrandM8 is a multi-function checklist App designed to digitise paper based processes. Checklists, tasks, inspections and audits are created at HQ and published across the group to the App.

'BrandM8' to improve business processes, compliance to standards and to help them deliver consistently great service.

The new system removes paper checklists and process, instead serving up reminders and digital tasks such as HACCP checklists, cleaning duties and store compliance audits. The system is used in-store for daily duties and also by the the area management team who conduct monthly store audits.

All data is automatically fed back up to head office providing valuable 'scored' reports and performance leader-boards. At an operation level the benefits are many, it saves time, lowers paper & print costs, reduces call-outs for maintenance repairs, audits costs are lower and kept in-house and it minimises risk.

How BrandM8 Could work for you.





With the integration of Bluetooth temperature probes and remote monitoring of refrigeration units, BrandM8 is your insurance policy against food safety issues.

This platform ensures your restaurants are compliant, and that you know about it when they are not!

The days of completing site audits on paper, or via a spreadsheet are long gone.

BrandM8 simplifies the process of not only capturing the data from your audit, but then clearly presenting it to your audience, with comprehensive and visually-appealing reports.

Being a restaurant manager can be extremely challenging. There are so many tasks to work through on a daily basis.

BrandM8 can assist the manager by reminding them of what needs to be done, then collating the results into daily/weekly/monthly compliance reports.



Automate and Improve Multi-unit Processes

Businesses that expand to a handful of sites quickly feel the growing pains as they add each new site and struggle to be successful without systems in place. Running a chain of 50 sites, your operational difficulties are amplified ten times or more, getting the right system can be worth its weight in gold.

With better visibility over operations, you get better results for much less effort. BrandM8 will help you streamline your business, drive down costs and provide real clarity over your business as it expands.

  • Simple and easy to use - web based setup and management
  • Customised to your business - checklists, reviews and corrective actions
  • 24/7 reporting for management, regional managers and HQ.
  • Rapid deployment of new check lists across organisations
  • Secure user login - checklists by user
  • Workflows guide users through checks and procedures
  • Dynamic creation of follow up checklists or tasks
  • Alerts - Ability to configure e-mail alerts
  • Linking photos to checklists
  • Location based checklists - barcode scanning and Microsoft Tag
  • Temperature probe integration for accurate temperature readings
  • Automatic scoring system to rank stores
  • Blind scoring to measure checks accurately
  • Multi-platform - web, iPad, smart phone and PDA (online or offline)
  • Answers and records stored in a central database 

 Specific examples of how BrandM8 can be used include:

  • Brandcompliance - operational standards& checklists
  • Hotel standards
  • Food safety management (HACCP)
  • Food security - F&B processing
  • Occupational health& safety standards
  • FoodAudit Technology
  • Planned equipment maintenance 
  • Staff training assessments & reviews
  • Managing off-site area managers
  • Supplier assessment audits
  • Facilities management
  • General checklists
  • Auditors and area managers using computer assisted audit tools and techniques or CAATT systems, to enhance operations, capabilities and productivity. download brochure

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