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Cash Registers Lancaster

Cash Registers Lancashire

Mobo Innovations are main suppliers of cash registers and EPOS Systems in Lancaster and the North West. We provide professional advice, installation, programming and on-site training to ensure you get the best out of your point-of-sale equipment year after year.

Electronic Cash Register (ECR) Lancaster

With plenty of choice in the cash register market from manufacturers like Geller, Sharp, Uniwell and Casio, it’s worth talking to a specialist like us before choosing a cash register or till system. Call us out for a demonstration or call in for a chat and we’ll help you choose the right cash register for your business.

Supplying local businesses with cash registers in Lancaster and the North, we have machines to suit all budgets, our systems are affordable, easy to use and provide a bundle of smart features.

Buy, Lease or Rent Cash Registers Lancaster

In addition to outright purchase, we also offer lease finance and rental services with short term and long term hire arrangements for outdoor events, festivals, functions, wedding bars, trade shows, conventions, regattas and seasonal events. Our till hire services cover Lancaster, and the whole of the North of England.

Geller & Uniwell Cash Registers

The Uniwell and Geller Cash Registers are heavy-duty machines with intelligent features for hospitality and retailing, making them ideal for individual retailers, bakeries, cafe's, bars, gift shops, and food outlets. 

Uniwell Cash Register EX570Multi-line Screens

Designed for ease of use, many of our cash registers now come with a multi-line LCD operator display. The ability to scroll through a transaction line by line allows an operator to swiftly make a correction, and price or product changes can be made at the touch of a button.  

Drop & Load Till Roll Changes

Offering great value for money, these modern cash registers have drop and load thermal printers for easy changes of receipts and audit rolls. As part of our service we supply till rolls PDQ rolls and printer ribbons in Lancaster and throughout the North West.

Management & Reporting

All models can operate as stand-alone tills and most cash registers can communicate with each other for easier programming, reporting and to ‘float’ bills from one cash register to another. Back office software provides powerful management reporting, programming and price changes.

Touch Screen Cash Registers

A cash register will meet the needs of many small businesses, yet few purchases can have as dramatic effect on a business as a carefully selected EPOS system.  Although more expensive, a well-run touch screen cash register can pay for itself within 18 months, and can quickly help increase bottom line profits of around five percent or more.

Uniwell Touch Screen Cash RegisterTouch screen cash registers are faster to operate, providing a better presentation of products and menu items on the screen. It all adds up to fast, secure and more efficient operations, enhancing customer service. Lower maintenance costs, better stock control and more accurate billing all help drive bottom line profits.

Lower Maintenance

The modern touch screen cash register is extremely reliable and keeps running year after year. Powerful embedded software is combined with ‘solid state’ memory and a clever touch screen interface. With no moving parts to there’s little to go wrong, so your on-going maintenance costs are minimal.

A system tailored to your business

Add-on options like bar-code scanners, stock control, kitchen printers, order screens, loyalty or hand held order terminals our touch screen cash registers will be tailor made for you, transforming the way you do business.

Parts, Programming and Servicing

Providing support for cash registers and touch screen EPOS Systems in Lancaster and the North, we offer parts programming and servicing on all machines.

Working together we'll help you implement the best solution we can for your business and your budget, whether it's a smart cash register, a fully integrated touch screen EPOS system with stock control and loyalty. 

For Cash Registers Lancaster call us on: 01772 367110.


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