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Operational Consultancy

Do you really know what's going on in your outlets?

As businesses expand and the number of outlets grow, it becomes increasingly important to keep central control and maintain visibilty over daily operations, health and safety checks, and company standards, getting it wrong can be very costly.

Ensuring your standards are met

Using our unique BrandM8 system, we help our clients to create and deploy intelligent checklist solutions to ensure that standards are met. The process often starts by creating a simple electronic version of clients paper based check lists, the benefits are immediate and checklist results are available at head office the moment the checks are completed.

Over time we work with our clients to develop, enhance and deploy BrandM8 checks to enhance operational reporting, store checks and audits. BrandM8 is an ideal too for area managers and store auditors, saving time and making sure store visits are visible and beneficial.    

BrandM8 pics

BrandM8 - "You canít expect what you donít inspect"

BrandM8 is an intelligent checklist system which allows the user to take all paper based review checklists and create intelligent checklists that can be centrally managed and deployed to a web browser, PDA or SmartPhone.

BrandM8 then centrally manages all information relating to the checklists for alerts, reporting and auditing of all reviews completed. BrandM8 makes the management, capture and auditing of in-store reviews easy and accurate.

Functionality Features

  • Simple and easy to use Ė fully portable
  • Ease to train
  • Multi-platform redundancy Ė web, SmartPhone, local PDA
  • Customised setup of reviews and checklists including corrective actions
  • Scheduling and alerting of upcoming checklists
  • Full scoring capabilities on audits for rank reports
  • Full workflow for guided checklists
  • Dynamic creation of follow-up checklists
  • Customised report development and exception based automated reporting
  • Web-based management and reporting for easy auditing
  • Works with integrated temperature probes, barcode scanning and Microsoft Tag Management

If you would like to discuss your requirements or find out more about our products and services you can call our sales team on:

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